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CABLE CROSS OVER -Equipment used in weight training or functional training. -Cable-crossover exercises are effective for building strong pectoral muscles. -The tension in the cable provides a smooth and continuous resistance, unlike free weights, which can be affected by momentum. -The continuous resistance engages many small stabilizer muscles in your chest, in addition to the pectorals. -This provides optimal results for increasing strength
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ROMAN CHAIR WITH HYPER EXTENSION (2 IN 1) Exercises: Spinal extension Spinal flexion Knee extension BENEFITS: It Helps to Improve Your Posture Get Rid of Back Pain Prevention OF Hernia Train Your Entire Body
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VERTICAL KNEE RAISE (WITH CHIN & DIP) **Captain's Chair Exercise ** Hanging Knee Raise The vertical knee raise, an advanced core exercise performed while suspended from parallel bars, targets the ab muscles, specifically the rectus abdominis.
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ROATARY TARSO Features: Easily Adjusted Start Position Support for Stabilisation Multi-directional The rotary tarso machine, also called a tarso rotation machine, targets the muscles of your core. This rotary torso exercise machine allows you to rotate your trunk against resistance. This movement targets your side abs, or obliques.
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LOBSTAR 4 IN 1 TREADMILL (Manual Elevation) Pros of Manual Treadmills: Muscle-powered No electricity needed Safety Flat-belt manual treadmills are less expensive High-intensity interval workouts SPECIFICATIONS: - 3 Level Manual Incline - Digital Meter Display shows Speed, Time, Distance, Calorie & Pulse - Walking, Twisting, Stepping & Dipping