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LEVERAGE SQUAT Stimulate different muscle fibre with small changes in foot placement Spacing saving design with small footprint 2 machines in 1 Built-in calf step for very effectivestanding calf raises Built-in plate storage
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SEATED CALF Seated Calf Raise Benefits: Isolate the Soleus: There are two main calf muscles: the soleus and the gastrocnemius. The soleus is smaller, but nonetheless, makes a significant contribution to the size and shape of muscularly developed calves. When your knees are bent during seated calf raise exercise, your gastrocnemius is deactivated; thereby giving full attention to the soleus. Treat & Prevent Shin Splints: Do you ever get painful shin splints? Both seated as well as standing calf raises strengthen the calf, which is important for preventing shin splints. Note that calf raises alone are not an be-all-end-all solution for shin pains. The addition of exercises such as toe raises, heel walking and resisted dorsiflexion are also necessary for a well-rounded treatment or prevention strategy.
MULTI GYM 6 STATION Multi-station units help you make the most of your floor space and help your members make the most of their workout time. Smart designs let users take on multiple exercises in a small space, quickly adjusting settings to maximize impact and results. To attract even more exercise enthusiasts to your fitness center, add ultra-versatile functional trainers that provide an unparalleled workout in an efficiently enclosed space.
VERTICAL DUMBELL RACK Designed with the small studio or home gym in mind, it is efficient, space-saving, and stylish. By taking advantage of dead space going vertically up from the floor combined with compact design, you get the maximum amount of dumbbell storage in the least amount of space