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LOW ROW PULLEY (or) CABLE SEATED ROW Execution INITIAL POSITION: Sit on the low bench of the machine and place your feet on the platform or foot crossbar. Make sure that your knees are slightly bent, don't lock them. Grasp the V-bar handle (palms face in) and keep your back straight. Pull it until your back is 90 degrees, stick your chest out and feel the stretch on your lats. This is the start position. MOVEMENT: Pull towards your abs while you keep your back straight. At this point your elbows should be close to your sides. Squeeze your shoulder blades to work your rear deltoids and rhomboids. Slowly return to initial position, always keeping your back straight and your knees slightly bent. BREATHING: Exhale while you pull and inhale while you return to initial position. TIPS and ERRORS: Sometimes people bend over when they return to initial position to make the exercise more similar to an actual rower. Your torso should actually not move and stay at 90 degree position. My suggestion is not to swing your body at all. If you don't have a V-bar or if your prefer you can use a straight bar.
SEATED ROW The seated row exercise is the best for improving your posture. Steps To Do Seated Cable Row Exercise: *Sit upright on the bench, facing the low pulley row machine with a V-bar. *Keep your feet up on the front platform, making sure your knees are slightly bent but not locked. *Lean over, keeping the natural alignment of your back, and grab the V-bar. *Keep your arms extended and pull back your torso so that it is at a right angle with your legs. Keep your lower back slightly arched, chest out, and shoulders relaxed. This is the starting position. *Keeping your torso stationary, pull the handles of the V-bar back. Breathe out, keep your arms close to your body, and pull the V-bar until your thumbs touch your abs. Squeeze your back muscles. *Hold this pose for a second. Slowly release the contraction and go back to the starting position.
Muscle Fit Ab Conditioner Muscle Fit Ab Conditioner We are regarded as foremost manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of huge assortment of Ab Conditioner such as Muscle Fit Ab Conditioner that offers correct ankle position throughout the motion with four body linkages. It is designed for direct transmission of variable resistance. We use the best grades of components to manufacture this under rigorous norms of quality. Our valued customers can avail this at reasonable prices.
Commercial Adjustable Elliptical The Adjustable Stride Elliptical Trainer is a commercial cross-trainer used for cardiovascular exercise to promote weight loss and endurance and increase cardiopulmonary fitness. It combines a robust and compact front-drive elliptical design with the ability to customize your ideal stride motion from 18 to 20 inches at the touch of a button on the multi-position hand grips. The narrow pedal spacing (Q-Factor), large pedals, and ability to simulate a walk/jog/run through electronically adjustable stride adjustment combine to give you the ultimate cardio workout for your users. It is commercial rated for use up to eight hours a day for any non-dues paying facility such as a hotel fitness center, multi-housing recreation room, rehabilitation clinic, fire department or police department workout room, community rec center, military base gym, government embassy, garage gym, or home fitness studio.
Twister (with handle) Twist Board or Rotational Disc Steps to Perform; 1. Stand erect with both feet on the twist board. Flex your knees slightly. 2. Press down on the disc with your feet to rotate it to the left. Simultaneously rotate your torso to the right, pumping your right arm back as you do so. Change positions by rotating your feet to the right and your torso to the left while continuing to pump your arms. Perform the exercise as a smooth, continuous movement. You can also do the exercise with a deeper knee bend. 3. Sit in a chair and perform the same movement. You won’t work as hard as you would while standing. However, if you have an injury or another limitation that prevents you from exercising while upright, you can at least burn a few calories.