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Mini Stepper gym equipment with Waist Twist Body Cardio Stepper Cord Electronic - ‚ÄéMini stepper is a complete body fitness machine that can transform your personality with the full comfort of home. The product can help you perform your daily exercises with leaving anywhere at your home only. The product comes with adjustable step height and with different resistant bands to help you customized your workout program. Along with that, mini stepper offers you perfect slip resistant surface to carry your different workout programs. It helps you to perform cardiovascular workout to burn your fat faster than ever before. Not just that, you can also train form aerobic exercises to tone your abs, shape calves, work quads, firm glutes, define biceps, and tighten your back with this one product. Mini stepper is not just an exercising machine but a complete fitness device to keep at home. Some of the impressive features of Mini stepper includes - Adjustable step height for varying resistance Low impact, high intensity Great strength and cardio workout Foot Pedals move in tandem Slip resistant surface Patented double hydraulic shocks Resistance bands provide an upper body workout Electronic console indicates time, total steps, steps per minute and calories. Electronic console has a scan function Durable gym quality steel frame construction Knob adjusts tension Weight limit is 250 lbs.
Elevator Stepper Climber Stationary Indoor Stepping Machine Maximum Load Weight: 200 Kg Benefits: 1. Increase aerobic capacity 2. burn a significant number of calories 3. safe exercise for people with joint problems. 4. lead to leaner and more toned muscles 5. reduce stress levels
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Musclefit Combo Trainer All In One Workout 1. Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns 2. Close Grip Lat Pulldowns 3. Flat Bench Chest Press 4. Incline Bench Chest Press 5. Decline Bench Chest Press 6. Shoulder Press 7. Squats 8. Calf Raise 9. Close Grip Chest Press 10. Flat Bench Isolateral Chest Press 11. Incline Bench Isolateral Chest Press 12. Decline Bench Isolateral Chest Press 13. Isolateral Shoulder Press 14. Close Grip Triceps Extension 15. Short Lat Bar Triceps Extension 16. Shrugs 17. Single Arm Bend Over Rows 18. Lunges 19. Abs Crunches 20. Bend Over Row